Cooperation Offers

3D micro-laser for new generation of photonic micro-systems

A Polish LED producer offers its services as a subcontractor

Application of Time Correlation CMOS Image Sensor (Hamamatsu Optronics Cluster project)

CO2 laser cutting unit is sought for reciprocal production of CNC laser cutting machine

Fiber laser system

Flexible Nanostructured Bio-Sensors based on Nano-Structured electrodes

Hamamatsu Optronics Cluster project: Highly Sensitive Uncooled CMOS Image Sensor

Improvement of injection lasers characteristics by the use of asymmetric barrier layers in the waveguide

Intelligent Image Sensor using Ferroelectric Thin Film on Epitaxial Oxide Layer for IR or Ultrasonic Waves (Hamamatsu Optronics Cluster project)

Non-contact laser technology for vibration, displacement and acceleration measurement

Parts and tools made of ceramic with micro- and nano-structured surfaces

Prototyping of diamond-based single-photon sources for quantum secure communication

Single-Electron Device and Information Compression Circuit with Single-Photon Sensitivity

Technology for preparation of optical fibers from polydimethylsiloxane

Wide-wavelength-band Super-high-speed MOSLM and Application to Optical IT System

Cooperation Requests

A Korean manufacturer of laser semiconductors and rhinitis laser treatment apparatus that are equipped with the semiconductors is looking for trade intermediaries

Intelligent fibre-optic measuring equipment for pressure and temperature monitoring suitable for hostile environment

Manufacturer & distributor of optoelectronic components offers distribution services

Numerical simulation of characteristics of novel type injection lasers – lasers with asymmetric barrier layers (ABLs)

Optical component designing and modelling for the manipulation of light

Polish SME request distributors for LED light sources

Request for innovative and niche analytical / scientific instruments and lab equipment: materials testing, electro-mechanical, thermal management, gases / particulates (licensing)

UK Manufacturer of laser diode modules is seeking distributorship and Joint Ventures

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