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Graduate Program for Photonics, Quantum, and Deep Tech Start-ups in Berlin and Brandenburg

18:00 till 18:00
Participants: PhD students, PhDs and Post Docs in research institutes with interest to start a business in Photonics, quantum technologies, sensor tech, micro systems

Aim of the program:
Berlin is THE start-up capital in Germany and a start-up hot spot in Europe. Photonics quantum tech and other Deep Technologies are strong in Berlin but starting a company in such a high-tech field still remains challenging. With the start-up program we want to inform PhD students, PhDs and Post Docs in Photonics, QT and other deep tech from Berlin that starting a company is possible and can be fun too. The start-up eco-system in Berlin nowadays is highly professionalized and holds ample opportunities for those who dare… We invite start-ups, established companies, Business Angels and VCs as well as law firms and university support structures to the seminar to present their cases, challenges and lessons learned and to indicate support opportunities.


Mike Richardson (OpTecBB e.V.)
Dr. Frank Lerch (EPGAP OSA Photonics Group)

Date: Winter 2023, Thursday, 16:00 - 17:30
Venue: Webinar format mixed with in-presence sessions with changing locations

Deadline for registration is 23.12.22.
(follow the link below)

Program starts on 12.01.23 and runs until the beginning of May. Program language is English.