How to Improve Soft Landing for Startups moving to Berlin


OrelTech is a high-tech startup originally from Israel producing conductive inks for printed electronics and catalysis. The team was comprised of 3 members, Zvi Shteingart (CEO at the time), Natalia Zamoshchik (CTO) and Konstantin Livanov (Head of R&D). They participated in INAM’s acceleration program Advanced Materials Competition (AdMaCom) in 2017 and won the grand prize. This was the start of a new personal and professional experience. They decided to move to Berlin and 1 year later, they have finally settled in the city. Berlin Partner and INAM supported them from the beginning and arranged access to laboratory space and test infrastructure at Humboldt University. As an international high-tech startup, OrelTech has faced some challenges before succeeding in Berlin. We wanted to share their story with you with the hopes that upcoming startups have an improved soft landing when moving to Berlin.


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