Public Private Partnerships at the heart of the European Commission “Digitising European Industry” strategy

Commission unveiled its plans to help European industry, SMEs, researchers and public authorities make the most of new digital technologies.

The manufacturing industry, and its interplay with services, is playing an important role in putting Europe's economy back on track. At the same time, a new industrial revolution, driven by new generations of digital technologies, is taking place. Progress in digital technologies in combination with other key enabling technologies is changing the way we design, produce, commercialise and generate value from products and related services. The European Commission calls for a whole set up measures and initiatives and states that more should also be done to facilitate coordination of the large but fragmented R&D&I efforts in other key digital technology fields. This can be achieved by strengthening the coordination role of the Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) established in H2020 so that they become real aggregation frameworks and ecosystems for digital industrial innovations.

More details on the Digitising European Industry” strategy can be found here:
European Commission Communication: Digitising European Industry - Reaping the full benefits of a Digital Single Market