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Lumics GmbH, BerlinCompany, Laser Technology

Lumics is an OEM manufacturer of fiber coupled diode laser modules and high performance diode lasers in the range of 750 nm to 1960 nm for demanding industrial and scientific applications. Our product range comprises diode lasers in industry standard packages such as 14-pin butterfly, 8-pin miniDIL and 2-pin TO220 as well as a series of compact fiber coupled laser modules with output powers up to 900 W.

Lumics GmbH

Carl-Scheele-Str. 16
12489 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 678 06 76 - 0
Mechanisch-Optische-Metallverarbeitu…, RathenowCompany, Laser Technology

With headquarters Rathenow, a location was selected, which can look back on more than 200 years of tradition in precision mechanics and optics.

In 1999, the company was founded by Wolfgang Schröder as managing director. He studied precision mechanics and has since had close ties to this industry.
His son Mathias Schröder has been working in the company since 2004. In 2009 he was appointed 2nd managing director.

On a production area of more than 1000 square meters, MOM GmbH develops and produces mechanical and optical products. The focus lies on the manufacture of spectacle frames made from titanium.
Due to laser technology the company breaks new ground in manufacturing technology. Several laser systems, not only in mass production, but also for single pieces, ensure a smooth production process.
The machine park includes not only laser cutting and welding technology but also resistance welding equipment, and hydraulic presses up to 150 T.

The special knowledge about the processing of titanium in combination with the appropriate technology is a complex offer for all customers who appreciate Made in Germany.

Mechanisch-Optische-Metallverarbeitung GmbH

Jahnstr. 27
14712 Rathenow

T: +49 (0)3385 / 548640
micro resist technology GmbH, BerlinCompany, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology

The micro resist technology GmbH is a leading company in the development and production of innovative photoresists, polymers and photopolymers as well as complementary process chemicals for lithographic manufacturing processes in micro- and nanostructuring. Our products are used in key technologies and growth markets such as microsystems technology, microelectronics, optoelectronics, micro- and nanophotonics, micro- and nanotechnology as well as the life sciences. We face up to our customers’ demands for technology solutions and materials that will also meet future generations through sustainability. The success of micro resist technology GmbH is driven the commitment and profound know-how of our employees who develop, produce and market the innovative products and services.

micro resist technology GmbH

Köpenicker Str. 325
12555 Berlin

T: +49 30 64 16 70 100
Newport Spectra-Physics GmbH, StahnsdorfCompany, Laser Technology, Biophotonics and Ophalmic Optics

Newport Spectra Physics GmbH Stahnsdorf: Development and manufacture of very compact, active Q-switched lasers in the green and UV wavelength range. The ns laser pulses with of up to 300 kHz pulse repetition frequency can be used for material processing, including applications in photovoltaics, to mark and in a variety of devices in measurement technology / analysis.

The company is a subsidiary of the American Newport Corporation. The Newport Corporation is a global leader in advanced technology products and solutions for scientific research, microelectronics, aerospace, defense / security, biotechnology and precision industrial manufacturing. Newport's innovative solutions are based on the company’s know-how in semiconductor, solid-state and ultrafast lasers with high output power, photonic instruments, sub-micron positioning systems, vibration isolation, optical components and subsystems, as well as high-precision automation solutions they are used for expand opportunities and increase productivity in manufacturing, research and development of the company's customers. Newport is listed in the Standard &amp Poor SmallCap 600 Index and in the Russell Microcap Index.

Newport Spectra-Physics GmbH

Ruhlsdorfer Str. 95
14532 Stahnsdorf

T: +49 (0)3329 / 6387-0
Oculyze GmbH, WildauCompany, Biophotonics and Ophalmic Optics

Oculyze is an award winning (Science4Life, BPW, TechnologySlam) Startup that creates custom solutions for image analysis. With our hand-held microscope and image recognition service we enable you to take a microscopic image and get a result within seconds, no expensive equipment or specific expertise required! Our vision is: Microscopic analysis for everyone, everywhere.

Our first application is Oculyze - Better Brewing: A quick and easy analysis of brewer's yeast, with a special focus on the needs of craft breweries. We automatically determine the concentration and the cell-viability of yeast. Our device is significantly faster and significantly cheaper than the competition.

This is only the beginning however, other application in various stages of development are: Automated cervix analysis for dairy cows, sperm analysis (CASA), malaria detection and wastewater monitoring.

Oculyze GmbH

Hochschulring 1
15745 Wildau

T: +49 151 617 179 61
OECA Opto-Elektronische Componenten…, Dahlwitz-HoppegartenCompany, Laser Technology, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Optical Analytics, Biophotonics and Ophalmic Optics

fiber aligned opto-electronic components for datacom and sensing applications

OECA Opto-Elektronische Componenten und Applikations GmbH

Handwerkerstr. 13
15366 Dahlwitz-Hoppegarten

T: +49 33 42 - 36 88 0
OEG GmbH, Frankfurt (Oder)Company, Optical Analytics

The company OEG GmbH develops and manufactures measuring systems for optical, geometrical and physical parameters, for example for the measurement of effective focal length, back focal length, centering, MTF, MTF of image intensifier tubes, angle (prism angle, deflection angle). The OEG GmbH supplies optical instruments like collimators and autocollimators. The scope of supply covers the complete manufacturing process from the dveleopment of the principle, the mechanical construction and manufacturing, development of software and elektronics, the assembly and on site installation. The measuring systems are usually software controlled and based on image processing for data acquisition.

Die OEG GmbH was founded in 1991 and installed since them equipment worldwide onto all continents.

Beside the measuring systems for optical parameters we produce special measuring microscopes, contact angle meters, car windshield scanner, Flatness and thin film stress measuring systems, micro diamond scribers. As service we offer measurement of optical parameters and customized development of measuring equipment.


Wildbahn 8i
15236 Frankfurt (Oder)

T: +49 (0)335 / 5213894
Optikexpertisen Dr. Volker Raab, PotsdamCompany, Laser Technology, Lighting Technology, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Optical Analytics, Biophotonics and Ophalmic Optics

Optikexpertisen Dr. Volker Raab und Dr. Corinna Raab GbR is an enterprises for development, consulting, and intellectual property in the fields of lasers and optics. This is achieved by simulation and experimental verification in our own application laboratories. Specializations comprise semiconductor laser systems and special optics for beam shaping, LED's, and fiber coupling.

Optikexpertisen helps small and medium sized enterprises with his know-how and laboratories to realize optical measurements, simulations, and development.

Optikexpertisen Dr. Volker Raab und Dr. Corinna Raab GbR is active since 2006 regionally, Germany-wide, and in four other European countries (CH, FR, ES, GB), since 2016 also in Australia. Over the last ten years we have completed over 80 projects.

Fields of Activity: Typical developments improve the beam quality of laser, wavelength stabilization and tuning, spectral multiplexing, and frequency conversion. Optical optimizations deal with complex fiber coupling, achromatic or astigmatic optics, and spectroscopy. Applications cover medical technology, meterology, and material processing.

Range of Services: improve beam quality wavelength stabilizing or tuning Second Harmonics Generation spectral multiplexing for power scaling

Experimental feasibility: testing, alignments development of demonstrators in own laboratory or in customer's laboratory

Optics design and simulation: Mainly ZEMAX but also wave propagation. Complex fiber coupling laser resonators beam shaping (astigmatism, beam quality) spectroscopy dispersive elements achromatic optics

Research &amp Development Activities: Power scaling of semiconductor lasers by spectral multiplexing

Optikexpertisen Dr. Volker Raab

Amundsenstr. 10
14469 Potsdam

T: +49 (0)331 / 583 99 12
OrelTech GmbH, BerlinCompany, Lighting Technology, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology



OrelTech GmbH is a Berlin-based company that produces conductive metal inks for printable metallization. OrelTech has developed a unique and versatile metallization technology that outperforms its competitors in price, simplicity, material efficiency, and environmental friendliness.

For example, the inkjet process can be used to easily insert transparent conductive paths into touch displays, OLEDs, or flexible solar cells, and circuits can be printed on any two- and three-dimensional surface from paper to 3D chips. Even expensive precious metals, such as platinum and gold - for example for fuel cell membranes and sensors in medicine - can be applied much thinner and therefore more material-effectively than in previous thin-film processes. This is not only more cost-efficient but also more environmentally friendly.



OrelTech GmbH

Marie Westphal
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin

T: +49-17676658030
OSA Opto Light GmbH, BerlinCompany, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology

OSA opto light GmbH develops, produces and distributes LED- Chips, SMD- LED and LED- modules with the focus on customized solutions. We produce a wide range of different chips in the range 560 - 1060 nm for low- and high current applications up to several Ampere. A major part of the chips produced are custom specific layouts or specifications. Besides surface – and volume emitting chips are point sources (diameter 200 µm, 50 µm and 25 µm) with green, yellow and red color in production. The same technology or conventional diffusion technology can be used for monolithic integrated displays, up to 40 independent LED signs on one chip.

These chips are sold to various customers or used in own SMD- packages based on PCB and ceramic materials. Chips within the peak wavelength range 355 - 1700 nm are used in low power (Rth about 150 K/W), medium Power (Rth about 60 K/W) and high power packages with thermal resistances down to 5 K/W. Optional primary optics can increase the efficiency of the system (series OLS-330 for 30°, OCL-490 for 20°). Besides single chip devices are combinations of up to 3 Chips in one 1206 package, two chips in a 0805 package possible like bipolar and duplex LED. The range of high power chips (Series OCX-440) contains 42 different wavelengths this is the widest variation in one package worldwide and covers direct emitters and color conversion types. Besides standard packages customized adaptations and customized packages are developed and produced.

The development of high power systems with total electrical power of up to 100 W leaded to UV- radiation sources like the OLM-018 390 AIR with a power density of 5 W/cm² @ 350 mA and 390 nm peak wavelength. These systems are used in different wavelength for research, curing and printing. They contain both the LED unit with heat sink and the driver unit including monitoring functions.

OSA Opto Light GmbH

Köpenicker Str. 325 / Haus 201
12555 Berlin