AdMaCom 2018 was a SUCCESS

That's a wrap - wie man so schön sagt, wenn ein Projekt erfolgreich zu Ende gegangen ist.

2 Wochen
10 Startups
40+ Stunden an Training und Workshops
180+ Mentoring Sessions
1 Aufregender DemoDay

Great experience. Mater Dynamics is taking for sure some important information that can potentially reshape its business model, as well it has now a better network regarding our core sectors of business activity and technology-related domains.
- Mater Dynamics

[AdMaCom] is an excellent single-focus-experience program that achieves what it set out to achieve - meaningful conversations with the right people.
- Next Aero

Very well-managed program providing energetic, constructive, and thought-provoking sessions as well as valuable opportunities for the teams. Totally surpassed expectations, we were happy to find an intensive learning environment and one very committed to improve the odds of success for the startups. We are grateful!
- RUBYnanomed

Die Gewinner der diesjährigen AdMaCom sind:

Grand Prize: RUBYnanomed

Mentors Choice: Mater Dynamics

Crowd Favourite: RUBYnanomed

Erfahren Sie hier mehr über die AdMaCom, der Verein INAM, der dahintersteht und weitere spannende Projekte.