Vorankündigung: PHOTONICS21 MIRROR GROUP Call 'Next Generation Integrated Photonic Sensing'

Am 14. April wird der nächste Photonics Call 2022 für multilaterale Forschungsprojekte veröffentlicht!


Call: 'Next Generation Integrated Photonic Sensing'

Participating Countries:

Austria, Belgium-Flanders, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Poland and Switzerland

This announcement is intended to inform interested (technology) enterprises, universities and research institutes of the upcoming research funding opportunity focused on Next Generation Integrated Photonic Sensing to facilitate timely project development, networking, consortium building and proposals preparation.

The official call announcement is scheduled for April 2022. For further details see tentative timeline below. The Photonics Call 2022 will be published on the Eureka-Website at https://www.eurekanetwork.org/open-calls/ and on relevant websites of the participating research funding organisations (RFO).


Thematic scope:

Project proposals must focus on at least one of the three subtopics:

  1. PICs (photonic integrated circuits):
    integrating photonics and electronics for novel photonic sensors and sensing systems, considering packaging and connection approaches, scalability, CMOS-compatibility, and new material systems
  2. QPICs (photonic quantum sensors):
    combining and integrating classical and quantum optics (e. g. onto a photonic chip) to use quantum properties or quantum phenomena to perform a measurement of a physical quantity
  3. Hybrid sensing:
    combining two or more sensing methods - at least one of which originates from the field of photonics - to enable new sensor applications or to substantially improve existing ones


General eligibility:

The call is open to industrial and technology enterprises, research institutes and universities.

To be considered for funding, project consortia must consist of at least two independent legal entities (at least one private enterprise per country) requesting funding from at least two of the participating countries


Matchmaking, Networking and peparation of an application:

In parallel with the opening of the call on 14 April, we will open a matchmaking platform, were interested applicants can register in order to find potential project partners.

In addition, we will offer a virtual networking and matchmaking event (tentative date: 10 May, to be confirmed), which will be organised with the very same matchmaking platform. Interested applicants will be able to pitch their project ideas in order to find suitable project partners.

During this event, a walk-through of the technical application process will be offered.


  • Call opens: 14 April 2022
  • Submission deadline: 27 June 2022
  • Feedback to applicants: October 2022
  • Start of projects: as from November 2022