Baltic Photonics 2019 | B2B Event

Visoriai Information Technology Park
Visoriai Information Technology Park

2a Mokslininkų gatvė, 08412 Vilnius, Lithuania


Baltic Photonics is annual professional event that brings together the photonics technology experts and leaders to discuss technology developments, applications, and challenges.

The purpose of the event is to catalyze and facilitate new technology development collaborations to boost technological and commercial advancement.

Companies and institutions are invited to present latest developments, products and services in order to find project partners, customers or suppliers. During the extended coffee breaks, lunch, dinner, company visits and networking event, much networking oriented opportunities are created.

Tadas Lipinskas
E-Mail: tadas@noSpamoptogama.com

Marija Tunkevičiūtė
E-Mail: marija@noSpamvitp.lt