Lighting Technology


Light is everywhere. Whether in private rooms, at working places, in public areas or in traffic, light at all makes our modern society possible. On the other hand, lighting technology also more and more gains importance in terms of design and event technology.

For a number of years, the lighting technology industry is undergoing changes, evoked by semiconductor technology developments, which also creates a new lighting market. Traditional light sources such as light bulbs are taking a back seat; new technologies based on semiconductors, with higher energy efficiency and performance, conquer more and more new application areas. Also, the ease of integration into existing lighting systems, as well as the diverse range of electrical control possibilities of Solid-State-Lighting open new doors for applications.

Aiming to take advantage of all opportunities given by LED (light-emitting diode) technology, in the future lighting technology research and development will focus more and more on “intelligent lighting“ and “customized lighting“. Thus, for example the aspects pleasant color temperature, optimum light quality and long life of light sources, as well as researching the physiological impact of light on the human, increasingly gain importance.

Especially in Berlin – the “City of Light“ – the future-oriented technology lighting technology connects tradition and modern age; at the same time Lighting Technology represents one of the most exciting activity fields in the Photonics Cluster Berlin-Brandenburg. With over 200 years, the capital region’s history of lighting technology goes way back companies such as bearing AEG, Osram, Semperlux and Siemens. Today circa 3.000 people work in mainly small and medium-sized companies with semiconductor technology changes. Lighting technology now stands for design, innovation and atmosphere, as well as for energy efficiency, bringing the region to shine – not only at the yearly celebrated Berlin “Festival of Lights”.


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