Announcement of fourth Call for cooperation projects between Berlin-Brandenburg and Poland regarding Optical Technologies

SenWiEnBe, MWE and NCBR start off for their fourth trilateral R&D&I-Call

The National Centre for Research and Development, Poland (NCBR), the Senate Department for  Economics,  Energy  and  Public  Enterprises, Berlin (SenWiEnBe) and the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Brandenburg (MWE) aim to pursue their support for trilateral research, development and innovation (R&D&I) projects in the field of photonics with the topic

“Photonics and quantum technology as key enablers for production processes, sensing, metrology and smart systems”

Take a closer look to the call in the Download.

The funding will be focused on topics falling into the scope of this call area, that are of major interest to the participating sides. In addition to this, the scientifican  busines  oriented cooperation between the participating countries/regions will serve to strengthen the European Research Area.


Silvia Bensel
Project Manager Photonics
Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH
Phone: +49 30 46302-187