Research Institutions

5micron GmbH, Berlin Company, Laser Technology, Lighting Technology

5micron GmbH is a young company which has been located in Berlin-Adlershof since January 2015. The 7-man team develops optical measuring methods and systems, and currently focuses mainly on unusual fields of application for:
-> Highly precise measurements on large or faraway objects
-> Geometric measurement of inaccessible surfaces
-> Geometric measurements in harsh environments

5micron GmbH's current portfolio is made up of two business segments: 1. Surface measurement technology 2. Special illumination systems. The business segment surface measurement technology is concerned primarily with development projects for the aviation industry which are based on optical methods. The methods are:

-> Deflectometry (geometric measurements of dimensions such as length, torsion, roughness etc.). Resolution: 50µm
-> Shadow method (defects inspection (OK / NOK decisions)). Resolution: 20µm
-> Sample projection (analysis of surface structure/topography) resolution: 5µm

In the business segment special illumination systems, the feasibility of data transmission via pulses of light was demonstrated as part of an internal project.

5micron GmbH

Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin

T: 030-565908850
AdlOptica Optical Systems GmbH, Berlin Company, Laser Technology

The main field of activity of AdlOptica GmbH is versatile refractive Laser Beam Shaping and multi-focus Optics most often transforming Gaussian to flattop intensity profiles and finding applications in numerous industrial and scientific techniques. The result of multi-year experience in developments of the refractive beam shapers and special optics is realized in families of piShaper systems and specialized objectives numbering today more than 60 models which main features are:

• almost 100% efficiency,
• spectrum from UV to LWIR,
• power from mW to kW,
• CW and ultra-short pulse lasers,
• narrow spectral band and achromatic, spot sizes from few microns to several centimetres with capability to enlarge to meters scale,
• low sensitivity to misalignment makes easy and fast integration of piShaper in existing equipment or research installations.

Combinations of parameters of piShaper models and other optical systems reflect the real needs of real industrial and scientific applications, most often today there are ready solutions for majority of laser techniques: laser technologies in manufacturing of solar cells, micromachining, glass and sapphire cutting, welding, cutting, drilling, hardening, cladding, ablation, various types of spectroscopy, laser heating in geophysical researches, confocal microscopy, holography, Computer Generated Holograms, interference, variety of techniques based on SLM (spatial light modulators), irradiating photocathode in FEL and many others.

Nevertheless, continuous monitoring of requirements and developing of new beam shapers are the main tasks for the Research &amp Development of AdlOptica GmbH.

The company’s name AdlOptica is originated from Adlershof, Germany's leading science and technology park locating in Berlin and being famous due to concentration of companies having expertise in various fields of optics.

AdlOptica Optical Systems GmbH

Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin

T: 030565908880
ADVA Optical Networking SE, Berlin Company, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors

ADVA Optical Networking is a global provider of intelligent telecommunications infrastructure solutions. With software-automated Optical+Ethernet transmission technology, the Company builds the foundation for high-speed, next-generation networks. The Company’s FSP product family adds scalability and intelligence to customers’ networks while removing complexity and cost. With a flexible and fast-moving organization, ADVA Optical Networking forges close partnerships with its customers to meet the growing demand for data, storage, voice and video services. Thanks to reliable performance for more than 15 years, the Company has become a trusted partner for more than 250 carriers and 10,000 enterprises across the globe. For more information, please visit us at

ADVA Optical Networking SE

12489 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 67008 129
AEMtec GmbH, Berlin Company, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Optical Analytics, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology

AEMtec offers the development, process qualification, industrialization and production of miniaturized and complex (opto) electronic microsystems, using high-end chip-level technologies, such as Chip on Board and Flip Chip, 3D-Integration and Opto-Packaging. As your partner for innovative technologies AEMtec provides expertise along the entire value chain – from the first idea through to series production. Professional supply chain management allows customers a reduction in their total cost of ownership (TCO). Due to its close work with prominent research institutes the miniaturization specialist has acquired particularly distinguished competence in the field of development, which enables it to provide its customers with the power to innovate over the longer term. As a result of AEMtec’s integration into the Swiss exceet Group SE, its customers gain from the flexibility of a medium-sized enterprise as well as benefiting from the synergies with, and access to, the comprehensive resources of a strong European group.

AEMtec GmbH

James-Franck-Straße 10
12489 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 6392 - 7300
AKmira optronics GmbH, Potsdam Company, Laser Technology, Lighting Technology, Optical Analytics, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology


Development, production and sales of a miniaturized 3D endoscope.

The basic principle is based on a technology, called digital optical holography, that is still new outside the academic environment. In this way, advantages such as the greatest possible resolution at minimal space requirements are realized in medical, endoscopic applications. Furthermore, this technology allows a look below the surface as well as the analysis of the organ surface using AI (artificial intelligence) in future.




AKmira optronics GmbH

Dr. Alexander Knüttel
Ricarda-Huch-Str. 2
14480 Potsdam

T: 0331-982231-0
alpha-board gmbh, Berlin Company, Lighting Technology, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology
  • Hardware development with SCRUM (e.g. embedded systems, HF applications, sensor systems)
  • PCB design
  • Simulation of signal integrity, EMC and thermal characteristics
  • Manufacturing and delivery of printed circuit boards
  • Assembly of printed circuit boards
  • Tests and quality assurance
  • PLC management

alpha-board is a service provider for electronics design and manufacturing services for customers from industrial electronics, aviation, astronautics and medicine technology. Our strengths are PCB design and miniaturization of electronics. Moreover alpha board offers everything from circuit development through simulation, verification and prototype construction up to the serial production of electronic assemblies.

alpha-board gmbh

Oderbruchstraße 14
10369 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 92 70 32 0
APE Angewandte Physik und Elektronik…, Berlin Company, Laser Technology

Located in Berlin, APE is a worldwide leading supplier in the field of ultrashort laser pulse diagnostic and tunable wavelength conversion.

Since 1992, APE is passionately supporting customers to get the best out of their ultrafast lasers, applications, and processes. That is why we develop and produce devices for our customers to measure, modify and improve their ultrafast laser solutions.

Our product portfolio includes optical parametric oscillators (OPOs), optical parametric amplifiers (OPAs), and systems for harmonic generation (HarmoniXX series). Our ultrashort pulse diagnostics line covers autocorrelators for pulse width measurements, spectrometers, and other equipment for measuring and characterizing femtosecond and picosecond laser pulses.

APE. At the Pulse of Light.

APE Angewandte Physik und Elektronik GmbH

Plauener Str. 163
13053 Berlin

T: 030 986 011 30
art photonics GmbH, Berlin Company, Laser Technology, Optical Analytics

art photonics GmbH is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of InfraRed chalcogenide and polycrystalline specialty optical fibers, spectroscopy fiber probes &amp fiber bundles, high power fiber cables for industrial and medical applications.

art photonics’ unique technology experience accumulated over 30 years has led to the design, development and production of specialty optical fibers and various fiber systems for the broad spectral range from 200nm to 18µm. Since 1998 we are constantly improving the quality of our products and are positioned to meet the technology needs of today and the demands of tomorrow.

The Company’s goals to engineering, designing and manufacturing the highest quality, cost-effective optical fiber solutions of abroad spectral range (from 200nm to 18µm) for OEM market are met through developing a patented Polycrystalline IR-fiber technologies, which allows to design and produce the one of most competitive product line Flexispec™ – PIR-fiber spectroscopy probes for remote process-control of molecular composition of any liquid, gas or solid mixtures even under harsh environmental conditions.

The flexible design of our fiber probes enables multi-spectral analysis of any process by different spectroscopy methods over the broad range of spectra and to couple it with any spectrometer.

Our innovative design of high power laser cables (Flexiray™), IR-fiber coupled detectors, IR-imaging bundles and various fiber sub-systems provides the optimum solution for specific customer requirements.

art photonics GmbH

Rudower Chaussee 46
12489 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 677 988 710
Askania Mikroskop Technik Rathenow…, Rathenow Company, Lighting Technology, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Optical Analytics, Biophotonics and Ophalmic Optics, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology

Development, manufacture and distribution of stereo and laboratory microscopes with accessories for digital image measurement. Measuring microscopes and measuring software

Askania Mikroskop Technik Rathenow GmbH

Grünauer Fenn 40
14712 Rathenow

T: +49 (0)3385 / 53710
ASML Berlin GmbH, Berlin, Germany Company, Laser Technology, Lighting Technology, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Optical Analytics, Biophotonics and Ophalmic Optics


ASML is a leading supplier to the semiconductor industry. The company provides chipmakers with hardware, software and services to mass produce the patterns of integrated circuits (microchips). Together with its partners, ASML drives the advancement of more affordable, more powerful, more energy-efficient microchips.

ASML in Berlin (formerly Berliner Glas GmbH) is a major ASML R&D and manufacturing site, with expertise in optics and wafer chuck technology. In Berlin, highly qualified employees develop and produce several key components for ASML lithography systems, including wafer tables and clamps, reticle chucks and mirror blocks.


ASML Berlin GmbH

Waldkraiburger Str. 5
12347 Berlin, Germany

T: +49 30 60905-0
Astro- und Feinwerktechnik Adlershof…, Berlin Company, Lighting Technology, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors

With 20 years' experience in developing, manufacturing and testing highly reliable opto-mechanical, opto-electronic, elctromagnetic and mechanical engineering components, sub-assemblies and devices, we, Astro- und Feinwerktechnik Adlershof GmbH, are a reliable partner for science and industry. The company conducts complex tasks in the area of sensor technology, light sources, optical and opto-mechanical laboratory work, scientific device and special test facilities. Based on our expert knowlegde we also realise tasks in the following areas:

  • Integration of supplementary functions such as calibration devices for special sensor technology
  • Accomplishment of special solutions and adjustment of sensor systems for hospitable environmental conditions
  • Realisation of surroundings for sensor technology


Astro- und Feinwerktechnik Adlershof GmbH

Albert-Einstein-Str. 12
12489 Berlin

T: 030 / 6392 - 1000
Außenstelle des Fraunhofer-Instituts…, Cottbus Research Institution, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Biophotonics and Ophalmic Optics, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology

Micro actuators and sensors are the fundamentals of miniaturized, intelligent and networked systems. Since 2012, a completely new type of powerful actuators has been developed and tested in the project group Mesoscopic Actuators and Systems MESYS of the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS in cooperation with the Brandenburg University of Technology BTU Cottbus - Senftenberg. Electrostatic actuators are used to move plates or bend cantilevers and therefore deflect light or laser beams, move liquids or generate ultrasound. The researchers aim is to solve fundamental problems and limitations of conventional electrostatic actuators, for which large deflections can only be realized in combination with large dimensions and high energy consumption. Using a suitable lever principle, the researchers developed a new class of electrostatic bending actuators that of an extremely compact design, large deflections and no hysteresis. Using conventional silicon manufacturing processes, these new actuators can be integrated directly into semiconductor components and CMOS circuits, thus enabling cost-effective volume production. Thanks to high performance and scalability of the patented actuators, various fields of application and design possibilities can be adressed. Optical applications are, for example, high-precision positioning drives of micro-tilt mirrors or lens systems for laser beam deflection, pico projectors, 3D-endoscopes or microscopic applications. NED-actuators are also suitable as optical switches or the highly precise positioning of optical waveguides. Furthermore, a variety of non-optical applications can be addressed, such as micro pumps and valves for microfluidic systems or as miniaturized loudspeakers for hearing aids, smartphones and wearables. Contrary to existing micromechanical loudspeakers NED-based speakers offer both an extremely compact design and high performance.

Außenstelle des Fraunhofer-Instituts für Photonische Mikrosysteme IPMS an der BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg

Postfach 101344
3046 Cottbus

T: 0355/692441
bdl. Büro für Daten & Lichttechnik…, Berlin Company, Lighting Technology, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology

Distribution of professional Equipment for the Entertainment and Architectur market and the control of the lighting systems.

bdl. Büro für Daten & Lichttechnik KG

Adlershofer Str. 6
12557 Berlin

T: +49 30 740 767 16
Bernhard Halle Nachfl. GmbH, Berlin Company, Laser Technology, Optical Analytics

Bernhard Halle Nachfl. GmbH is a manufacturer of optical components. We offer a catalogue program as well as custom made parts mainly of the following types

- polarizers
- wave plates (retarders)
- lens systems
- mirrors
- prisms and beamsplitters
- design of polarization optics
- design of lens systems

Bernhard Halle Nachfl. GmbH

Hubertusstraße 10
12163 Berlin

T: 030 7974296-0
Bestec GmbH, Berlin Company, Optical Analytics

BESTEC’s core competencies are the design and manufacture of customized UHV devices and systems:

  1. Design and production of special optics devices and systems for application in vacuum, mostly equipment for synchrotrons in the Infrared and Soft-xray range such as monochromators, slit units, grating units and complete beamlines as well as EUV-Tools (Soft X-ray Lab Source, Beamline&amp Reflectometer)
  2. Design and production of HV and UHV systems for application in surface analysis &amp deposition techniques for application in physics, physical chemistry, material engineering, such as HV- and UHV-Deposition Systems for Magnetron Sputtering, Laser-Ablation (PLD) Systems, Systems for E-beam- and thermal evaporation, Systems for surface analysis (XPS, AES, SIMS…) Clustertools for research on OLEDs and solar cells

BESTEC works in close co-operation with universities and research centers in Germany and worldwide. Since 2000 BESTEC meets the demands of a Quality Management System and works in compliance with the DIN-EN ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Bestec GmbH

Carl-Scheele-Str. 14
12489 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 6774376