PicoQuant GmbH strengthens local presence in China

Chinese customers benefit from a website in Chinese and a strong local presence

Press Release

To better serve its growing Chinese customer base, PicoQuant GmbH now has an official Chinese website that offers first-hand information about PicoQuant products and applications. Together with 20 trained sales and support staff on site in Wuhan at the established showroom, the Chinese community’s needs can now be optimally served. In addition to competent consulting and service, customers can arrange for local demonstrations of components like picosecond pulsed lasers and time-correlated single photon counting units and also perform test measurements and gain in-depth experience on the FluoTime series of time-resolved spectrometers or the confocal fluorescence microscopy platform MicroTime 200.

“A core part of PicoQuant’s philosophy is to provide researchers not only with outstanding tools but also with the best service. We are very happy with the new website and the Wuhan showroom concept. It is staffed by native speakers, which were trained on PicoQuant systems in our Berlin headquarters. Now, we can bring PicoQuant’s expertise directly to the home of our Chinese customers”, says Rainer Erdmann, managing director of PicoQuant GmbH.

By building out its presence in China, PicoQuant GmbH strengthens its global distribution network of local representatives and offices. This network enables the company to interact closely with customers all over the world, to better understand their needs, and to provide them with the best possible solutions and services.