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art photonics GmbH, BerlinCompany, Laser Technology, Optical Analytics

art photonics GmbH is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of InfraRed chalcogenide and polycrystalline specialty optical fibers, spectroscopy fiber probes &amp fiber bundles, high power fiber cables for industrial and medical applications.

art photonics’ unique technology experience accumulated over 30 years has led to the design, development and production of specialty optical fibers and various fiber systems for the broad spectral range from 200nm to 18µm. Since 1998 we are constantly improving the quality of our products and are positioned to meet the technology needs of today and the demands of tomorrow.

The Company’s goals to engineering, designing and manufacturing the highest quality, cost-effective optical fiber solutions of abroad spectral range (from 200nm to 18µm) for OEM market are met through developing a patented Polycrystalline IR-fiber technologies, which allows to design and produce the one of most competitive product line Flexispec™ – PIR-fiber spectroscopy probes for remote process-control of molecular composition of any liquid, gas or solid mixtures even under harsh environmental conditions.

The flexible design of our fiber probes enables multi-spectral analysis of any process by different spectroscopy methods over the broad range of spectra and to couple it with any spectrometer.

Our innovative design of high power laser cables (Flexiray™), IR-fiber coupled detectors, IR-imaging bundles and various fiber sub-systems provides the optimum solution for specific customer requirements.

art photonics GmbH

Rudower Chaussee 46
12489 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 677 988 710
Askania Mikroskop Technik Rathenow…, RathenowCompany, Lighting Technology, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Optical Analytics, Biophotonics and Ophalmic Optics, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology

Development, manufacture and distribution of stereo and laboratory microscopes with accessories for digital image measurement. Measuring microscopes and measuring software

Askania Mikroskop Technik Rathenow GmbH

Grünauer Fenn 40
14712 Rathenow

T: +49 (0)3385 / 53710
Bernhard Halle Nachfl. GmbH, BerlinCompany, Laser Technology, Optical Analytics

Bernhard Halle Nachfl. GmbH is a manufacturer of optical components. We offer a catalogue program as well as custom made parts mainly of the following types

- polarizers
- wave plates (retarders)
- lens systems
- mirrors
- prisms and beamsplitters
- design of polarization optics
- design of lens systems

Bernhard Halle Nachfl. GmbH

Hubertusstraße 10
12163 Berlin

T: 030 7974296-0
Bestec GmbH, BerlinCompany, Optical Analytics

BESTEC’s core competencies are the design and manufacture of customized UHV devices and systems:

  1. Design and production of special optics devices and systems for application in vacuum, mostly equipment for synchrotrons in the Infrared and Soft-xray range such as monochromators, slit units, grating units and complete beamlines as well as EUV-Tools (Soft X-ray Lab Source, Beamline&amp Reflectometer)
  2. Design and production of HV and UHV systems for application in surface analysis &amp deposition techniques for application in physics, physical chemistry, material engineering, such as HV- and UHV-Deposition Systems for Magnetron Sputtering, Laser-Ablation (PLD) Systems, Systems for E-beam- and thermal evaporation, Systems for surface analysis (XPS, AES, SIMS…) Clustertools for research on OLEDs and solar cells

BESTEC works in close co-operation with universities and research centers in Germany and worldwide. Since 2000 BESTEC meets the demands of a Quality Management System and works in compliance with the DIN-EN ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Bestec GmbH

Carl-Scheele-Str. 14
12489 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 6774376
Bi-Ber GmbH & Co.KG, BerlinCompany, Optical Analytics, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology

Since its initial founding in 1997, Bi-Ber has established itself as a capable and powerful partner in the solving of customer-specific problems of industrial image processing.
The main business area is the development and manufacturing of image processing systems for production-accompanying quality control. A highly qualified team of engineers and software developers undertakes the system integration for OEM and end customers.

The focus here is on development, construction and commissioning of turnkey measurement and inspection systems, in particular for the printing industry, the automotive supplier industry, medical engineering and electronics industry.

We also supply standard solutions for quality assurance in the sweets industry, for example image processing systems for empty mould check, 3D mould check and product end control. Furthermore we provide solutions for Multi-View 3D applications with PRISMAGIC®. Examples of appropriate applications are the optical control of pencil stroke ceramics or radioactive seeds in medical engineering.
Since 2012 Bi-Ber has been one of the partner companies which, in conjunction with the Cognex Corporation, implements Machine Vision applications for the most diverse industrial sectors. As PSI we have comprehensive experience with Cognex Vision systems, Vision software and ID systems and develop for users complete solutions integrated into the production plant. As PSI we offer our customers comprehensive options in the planning and implementation of Cognex Vision and ID.

Bi-Ber has been a member of the Machine Vision Group within the VDMA Robotics + Automation Association for many years.

Bi-Ber GmbH & Co.KG

An der Wuhlheide 232B
12459 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 8103 22260
Bruker Nano Analytics, BerlinCompany, Optical Analytics

The companies under Bruker Inc. are globally leading manufacturer of analytical systems for life and materials sciences.
The Bruker Nano Analytics (BNA) Division, headquartered at Bruker Nano GmbH in Berlin, Germany, develops, manufactures and markets X-ray systems and components for elemental and structural analysis on the micro and nano scale.

BNA's product range of analytical tools for electron microscopes includes:

  • Energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometers (EDS) for scanning and transmission electron microscopes
  • Wavelength-dispersive X-ray spectrometers (WDS)
  • Electron backscatter diffraction systems (EBSD)
  • Micro-spot X-ray sources for Micro-XRF on SEM and
  • Micro computed tomography (Micro-CT) accessories.

BNA’s range of mobile and bench-top micro X-ray fluorescence spectrometers comprises:

  • Micro-XRF spectrometers and
  • Total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TXRF) spectrometers.

Bruker Nano Analytics

Am Studio 2D
12489 Berlin

T: +49 (30) 670990-0
Chronos Vision GmbH, BerlinCompany, Optical Analytics

Machine Vision: Easy-to-handle, powerful and reliable vision products are essential for automated inspection and quality control tasks. CHRONOS VISION provides the systems and know-how for your specific tasks – whether for component testing and identification or for color recognition. Medical Engineering: CHRONOS VISION manufactures medical devices and develops software of highest quality for the measurement of eye movements and for the balance assessment. The products from CHRONOS VISION contribute significantly to refractive surgery and clinical research and diagnostics.

Chronos Vision GmbH

Wiesenweg 9
12247 Berlin
Colibri Photonics GmbH, PotsdamCompany, Optical Analytics, Biophotonics and Ophalmic Optics, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology

Colibri Photonics provides innovative sensor systems for the measurement of oxygen in life science analytics and bioreactors. Our product range comprises non-invasive and invasive light-based sensors in the nm- and µm-range.
Our sensors use an innovative polymer-based dye to offer you a highly versatile and rugged invasive sensor. The devices we provide are developed by scientists who know what you demand for everyday usage: loss free measurement, no inteference and wireless detection.

Colibri Photonics GmbH

Friedrich-Engels-Str. 23
14473 Potsdam

T: +49 331 951 40 354
CreativeQuantum GmbH, BerlinCompany, Optical Analytics, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology

CreativeQuantum specializes in the realization of quantum chemistry-based research and development for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We are able to identify any chemical and physical properties on molecular level of systems or processes. Using unique creative methods, we offer our customers the development of resource and energy efficient production processes. To accomplish this, we apply the most recent and innovative optimization algorithms.

CreativeQuantum GmbH

Am Studio 2
12489 Berlin

T: +49 30 9599 911 81
CRYSTAL GmbH, BerlinCompany, Laser Technology, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Optical Analytics

CRYSTAL is a medium-sized company committed to highly developed technologies and products with and related to crystals. Proven production technology and comprehensive measuring and testing procedures guarantee our exceptional standard of quality as well as the speed with which we meet your most sophisticated requirements. Together with our clients, we generate cutting edge solutions by exploiting the close cooperation among all our product departments. In collaboration with our partners, we serve markets in Europe, Asien and the USA.

Products and Services:

1. Single Crystal Substrates and Wafer oxides, fluorides, and semiconductors - crystals

  • Semiconductors, oxides and flourides for the deposition of epitaxial thin films

2. Optical Components

  • windows and scanning mirrors made of Fluorides, ZnS, Si, Ge, Quarz and glass
  • parallel plates and prisms made of Sapphire, TiO2, SiO2, Ge, ZrO2, SrTiO3, MgO

3. Laser Components

  • active and passive
  • diffusion bonded composites
  • pre-fabrication of assemblies


Ostendstr. 25
12459 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 53 04 25 00
Dopa Entwicklungsgesellschaft für…, BerlinCompany, Laser Technology, Lighting Technology, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Optical Analytics, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology

We Are dopa
dopa – for now 25 years we are your competent and internationally established partner for the development and production of diamond tools , the design of whole production processes and a specialized contract manufacturer for high end flat optics made out of different materials like optical glass, sapphire, ceramic, fused silica etc.
At this we have specialized us on the processing of optical glass, special ceramics and crystals. Our tools distinguish themselves by the fact that they produce also at high stock removal rates very fine, homogenous and scratch free surfaces, which have nearly no sub surface damage. This leads in the following manufacturing steps to a decrease of generally minimum 35 % of your polishing time. Furthermore it raises your products quality and stabilizes remarkably your processes. With their low wear our tools enable you moreover to produce very flat parts.
We own in our Berlin test laboratory most different grinding and polishing machines plus a wide range of measurement instruments. On those machines, that depict the state of the art technology in multiple industries, we run machining trials under real production conditions and optimize the tools and processes already here so far, that they can be implemented in our customer’s production as a complete system.
Improving existing technologies or visualizing whole technology changes as for example from lapping with loose abrasive to fine grinding or from polishing with diamond slurry to super fine grinding can be shown here while considering all economical and technological aspects. Using this our customers can cut down the long, hard and cost intensive implementation of new technologies at their end to a minimum or save it fully. Furthermore they are able to react much faster to changing market needs while not interrupting their running production. To push your borders we gladly assist you with our funded knowledge in choosing and making the right tools for your application.
We are developing efficiency. Please contact us!

Dopa Entwicklungsgesellschaft für Oberflächentechnologie mbH

Plauener Straße 163-165
13053 Berlin

T: +49 30 98318811
Dr. Türck Ingenieurbüro für…, BerlinCompany, Laser Technology, Lighting Technology, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Optical Analytics, Biophotonics and Ophalmic Optics

As a development service provider, we take on tasks relating to the development and simulation of optical systems, as well as data mining including statistical analysis and algorithm development.

We are the expert partner to solve challenges and develop functional applications in the field of optics. We are able to undertake any task related to the development of optical systems, from the first, conceptual phase, to calculation and construction and all the way through to tolerance analysis, development of measurement technology, and preparation for production of your optical systems. Designing customised solutions and implementing them for your individual needs is what we do. Our area of expertise covers Camera lenses for industrial applications, optical measurement methods for medical use and analytics, fiber couplings for optical telecommunications, lighting and signal technology, microscopic systems and micro-optics, and much more.

In the field of data analysis we advise and support our clients in the development of measurement, processing, and evaluation strategies for data, which are incurred for example, during product development, prototype testing, or as part of manufacturing and testing processes. In addition, we are able to develop and simulate physical models of processes.

Dr. Türck Ingenieurbüro für Optikentwicklung und Software

Kreuzbergstraße 37
10965 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 692055800
Entwicklungsbüro Stresing, BerlinCompany, Optical Analytics

We are specialized to develop CCD camera systems for research and industry, providing a large range of linescan camera products as well as some area cameras for almost every type of application. Also cooled cameras and complete Spectrometersystems from UV up to IR are available.

Entwicklungsbüro Stresing

Reinholdstr. 5
12051 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 6854506
EPIGAP Optronic GmbH, BerlinCompany, Lighting Technology, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Optical Analytics, Biophotonics and Ophalmic Optics, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology

Product line card:
• Ultrasonic transducers
• Ultrasonic generators
• Transducer-Test-Systems
• Optical vibration displacement measurement systems
• Bi-directional alignment lasers

Lighting the way to customized optoelectronic solutions EPIGAP Optronic GmbH is an industrial leader in LED technology for state-of–the-art optoelectronics, which plays a key role in many industries. Our clients work in fields for industrial sensors, automation, security and safety technology, diagnostics, biotechnology and medical imaging.

Major products
• The LED chip is the starting point for any optoelectronic solution. It essentially determines the later product characteristics of the LED. EPIGAP offers high-end LED chips beginning in the deep UV range at 265 nm up to the high infrared region at 1750 nm which have a very good degradation stability and high efficiency.
• We also present point source chips with different emitting diameters and monolithic display chips especially designed with custom layouts.
• The requirements for LEDs are very different depending on the application. We realize products in a wide variety of housings, such as 3 mm, 5 mm (thru hole type), SMD or metal can. Customized housings or specially designed CoB modules for small- or medium-scale productions are also possible. We work with different materials such as FR4, ceramics or aluminum and copper based PCBs for excellent heat sink. We ensure appropriate chip deposition tolerance and use epoxy or silicon for encapsulation.
• EPIGAP traditionally offers a wide variety of photodiodes, from 150 nm in the ultraviolet up to an extended range to 2600 nm in the infrared range. These include large InGaAs photodiodes with an active area which has up to 3 mm diameter, with low dark currents and high sensitivity.

Major services
EPIGAP has its own photometric and radiometric laboratory well equipped with NIST-calibrated optical instruments to measure the electro-optic parameters of single LEDs, LED modules and photodiodes. We can accurately determine radiation pattern (viewing angle) for LEDs and reception characteristics of photodiodes. We measure parameters in visible spectral region:
- luminous intensity,
- luminous flux,
- peak or dominant wavelength,
- colour coordinates (in compliance to CIE standards)
and additional in in ultraviolet and infrared:
- radiant intensity and radiant flux (radiant power).

Degradation measurements and burn-in (in compliance to MIL standards) are performed with special test benches at different forward DC and pulse currents.

EPIGAP offers a fully integrated service from design and development to production in order to meet market requirements. Fast acting, flexibility, high-performance, high-reliability and cost-effective design make the difference for us to realize customer´s success.
Welcome to the EPIGAP-world!

EPIGAP Optronic GmbH

Köpenicker Str. 325, Haus 41
12555 Berlin

T: 030 65763760
fibrisTerre GmbH, BerlinCompany, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Optical Analytics

fibrisTerre is a provider of fiber-optic solutions for structural health monitoring. With an innovative approach to distributed strain and temperature sensing, fibrisTerre offers complete instrumentation systems to provide reliable monitoring for geotechnical engineering, industry and public infrastructure.

fibrisTerre GmbH

Köpenicker Str. 154
10997 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 6290 1320
First Sensor AG, BerlinCompany, Laser Technology, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Optical Analytics, Biophotonics and Ophalmic Optics, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology

First Sensor AG is one of the world's leading suppliers in the field of sensor systems. Our company develops and manufactures standardized and customized sensor solutions for applications in the Industrial, Medical and Mobility growth markets. With over 800 employees, we are represented at six German locations and also have development, production and sales sites in the USA, Canada, Singapore, China, the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Sweden and Denmark along with a worldwide partner network. First Sensor AG is a German public limited company and has been listed in the Prime Standard of the German stock exchange in Frankfurt since 1999.

First Sensor AG

Peter-Behrens-Str. 15
12459 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 6399 2399
FLEXIM GmbH, BerlinCompany, Optical Analytics

As a technogical leader in the field of clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement, FLEXIM offers you ideal the ideal flow meter - even for the most demanding challenges.
Whether it be liquids or gases, extreme temperatures, high pressures or highly variable flow rates in thick walled pipes, our range of FLUXUS flow meters are the measurement system of choice.
With more than 20 years of engineering experience, FLEXIM also offers you solutions for a real time concentration analysis with laboratory accuracy. Depending on the individual application, PIOX analyses the process by ultrasound or optically by measuring the refractive index.
Refractometry - in other words, the measurement of light refraction - has proven itself as a method of choice for determining the concentration, density and purity of liquids in the laboratory time and time again.

FLEXIM moves the Refractometry out of the laboratory into the process, so that the advantages of this method, such as:
Speed, accuracy, reliability and independence from color, turbidity as well as gas bubbles, can be used during online-measurements.
Transferring laboratory technology into the process involves special challenges concerning material and construction. FLEXIM faces these challenges with the transmitted light principle - the determination of the refractive index directly within the volume flow. The method is thus especially reliable during process conditions with dynamic temperature and pressure changes and is further not affected by deposits.
Process analysis with PIOX R ensures many advantages:
Continous quality management, process optimization, resources savings and a higher operating reliability.

Every generation of FLEXIM products is directly driven by customer and industry needs and our focus and dedication is directed towards providing the highest quality equipment with the best support and service possible.


Wolfener Str. 36
12681 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 936 676 60
Freiberg Instruments GmbH, Berlin-AdlershofCompany, Optical Analytics

The EFG GmbH Berlin went in March 2015 bankrupt and it found with Freiberg Instruments GmbH an investor to restart the production and worldwide sales of xray devices. Besides the own production of x-ray devices from other manufacturers are being sold.

Freiberg Instruments GmbH

Ernst-Augustin-Str. 12
12489 Berlin-Adlershof

T: +49 (0)30 63224079
G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik…, BerlinCompany, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Optical Analytics

G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH, headquartered in Fellbach near Stuttgart, has been developing and producing professional components and systems for climate and environment measurement for more than 130 years.
After taking over the product segment “Laserceilometer” of the Jenoptik subsidiary ESW GmbH in April 2014, Lufft established with “Optical Sensors” a new business segment. The new part of Lufft is located in Berlin-Adlershof.
Lufft products and equipment are to be found wherever atmospheric pressure, temperature, relative humidity and other environmental factors require to be measured or recorded. These applications are for example the industrial climate measurement technology, environmental technology, climatology, agricultural meteorology and traffic engineering.
The in Berlin located business segment “Optical Sensors” engaged primarily in the distribution and development of the laserceilometer CHM 15k and the family of the laser based snow depth sensors.

G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH, Office Berlin – Optical Sensors

Carl-Scheele-Straße 16
12489 Berlin

T: +49 (0)711 51822831
greateyes GmbH, BerlinCompany, Optical Analytics, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology

Greateyes develops, manufactures and markets high-performance scientific cameras with spectral sensitivity ranges from X-ray to near infrared. They are used as precise detectors in a wide range of imaging and spectroscopy applications. Furthermore the company manufactures electroluminescence and photoluminescence inspection systems and offers a number of related services.

Greateyes was founded in 2007 as a spin-off from Humboldt-University Berlin and then quickly developed to an international acting company. Today it has strong customers in research and industry from many different countries.

Our passion is the continous advancement of our unique camera technology and associated products. Our central goals are satisfied customers, innovation and good team spirit.

Our range of Services include Electroluminescence and Photoluminescence characterisation of solar cells and solar modules, geometric and radiometric calibration of greateyes CCD cameras ans customized development and production of highly sensitive cameras.

greateyes GmbH

Justus-von-Liebig-Straße 2
12489 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 912075 250
GSP Technology, AltlandsbergCompany, Laser Technology, Optical Analytics, Biophotonics and Ophalmic Optics, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology

Projectmanagement for development projects for optoelctronic, fiber optik, microsystemtechnology, vacuum, precision mechanics, high resolution camera
project planning,finacial support, fundraising, project implementation, marketing

GSP Technology

Bettina-von-Arnim-Str. 16
15345 Altlandsberg

T: 033438 - 67437
HOLOEYE Photonics AG, BerlinCompany, Laser Technology, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Optical Analytics, Biophotonics and Ophalmic Optics, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology

HOLOEYE Photonics AG is providing products and services in the fields of diffractive optics (DOE), active spatial light modulation (SLM) and LCOS microdisplay components.

Diffractive Optics
HOLOEYE offers customized design, fabrication and replication of Diffractive Optical Elements. Additionally HOLOEYE provides a broad range of standard Diffractive Optical Elements with various patterns like dot arrays, dot-circles, circles, multi-lines and cross patterns.

Spatial Light Modulators
HOLOEYE’s offers the greatest variety of Spatial Light Modulators (SLM) for phase and amplitude modulation. These SLM devices are based on translucent or reflective liquid crystal microdisplays. The optical function or information to be displayed can be taken directly from the optic design software or an image source and can be transferred by a computer interface. Additionally HOLOEYE offers the OptiXplorer, an education kit based on the translucent LC 2002 Spatial Light Modulator. This kit contains a variety of experiments for laboratory courses in optical physics.

LCOS Microdisplay Components
HOLOEYE offers a great variety of microdisplay types and products as OEM solution in higher quantities. Different display types (translucent, reflective), different display modes (twisted nematic vertically aligned nematic), resolutions up to 1920x1200 pixel, frame rates up to 180 Hz, panel sizes from 0.177” to 1,8”, monochrome or color sequential displays and different features (amplitude or phase modulation) provide solutions for a broad range of applications.

HOLOEYE Photonics AG

Volmerstrasse 1
12489 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 4036 9380
Instrument Systems GmbH - Optronik…, BerlinCompany, Lighting Technology, Optical Analytics

Instrument Systems GmbH - Optronik Division is one of the leading European manufacturers and suppliers of light measurement equipment.
Founded in 1968, the Optronik Division plays a leading role in the industry, furnishing entire light labs to the automotive and transportation, but also general lighting engineering sector. Its main products are large goniophotometer systems, retroreflectometers, and photometers. Optronik's clientele includes prestigious testing and certification institutes as well as nearly all major suppliers of automotive lighting and many automobile manufacturers.
Instrument Systems GmbH - Optronik Division can offer a unique product portfolio meeting our customers present and future requirements also for critical light sources such as LED.

Products an Services:

  • Goniophotometer for automotive and vehicle lighting traffic Lights, taxiway &amp runway lighting, bicycle and motorcycle lights, LED's and LED lamps,
  • Solutions for general lighting
  • Special Goniophotometer solutions
  • System luxmeters
  • Luminance meters
  • Retroreflectometers
  • Measurement systems for quality control
  • Measurement systems for laboratory application
  • Integrating Spheres for the measurement of luminous flux and luminous color
  • (color coordinates and temperature) of bulbs (and different accessories)
  • Tristimulus Colorimeters
  • Phototopic Detectors
  • Calibration tools
  • Luminous Intensity calibration bulbs
  • Luminance standards (uniform light sources)
  • Flux calibration bulbs
  • Customized solutions depending on your specific application
  • Light measurement Software
  • Software for measuring automotive and vehicle Lighting (ECE, SAE, FMVSS108, DIN)
  • Software for measuring runway lighting / taxiway lighting (FAA, ICAO)
  • Bulb measurement with integrating sphere
  • Software for special light measurement applications

Instrument Systems GmbH - Optronik Division

Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 16-24
10553 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 349941-0
ISRA Vision Graphikon GmbH, BerlinCompany, Optical Analytics

Vision Systems for Automatically Optical Inspektion

ISRA Vision Graphikon GmbH

Mandelstr. 16
10409 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 42104-700
JCMwave GmbH, BerlinCompany, Laser Technology, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Optical Analytics, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology

JCMwave offers state-of-the-art software and support for fast and accurate optics simulations.

Key application areas of the advanced finite-element solver JCMsuite include computational lithography and metrology, light trapping in solar cells, silicon optics, VCSELs, photonic crystal fibers, plasmonics, metamaterials, resonators, and others.

In simulation benchmarks with competing methods JCMwave's software is superior in accuracy and speed by several orders of magnitude. JCMwave has been founded in 2001 as a spin-off company from the Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB), a research institute for applied mathematics.

JCMwave GmbH

Bolivarallee 22
14050 Berlin

T: +49 (30) 84185 480
JP-ProteQ, BerlinCompany, Optical Analytics

Knowledge-based production (PAT) A detailed understanding of production processes can directly increase product quantity and value using fewer resources. JP-ProteQ focuses on the measurement and analysis of manufacturing data so that the customer can improve his production control processes. At the same time we are not restricted to a particular technology or manufacturer. The task is always the center of our work. Whenever possible, this task is achieved through the modification of existing technology. This is the fastest and most economical method. For this reason we co-operate with proven partners, who bring their detailed know-how to each individual project.In some cases, however, we also develop our own technical solutions, especially when laser technology is required.


Carl-Scheele-Str. 16
12489 Berlin
KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH, BerlinCompany, Optical Analytics

Located in the south-west of Berlin, KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH has been developing and producing laboratory instruments for the chemical and life science sector for 55 years.

The main focus of the company activity is on liquid chromatography, but the HPLC components are also used in many other applications. KNAUER HPLC detectors for example, are applied in direct optical analysis. The spectrophotometers or refractive index detectors can be used in all flow applications requiring on-line detection of dissolved substances.

The range of photometric detection systems offered includes UV/VIS and diode array detectors (DAD). These detectors can be operated with a variety of flow cells ranging from analytical (high sensitivity) to preparative (lower sensitivity for the detection of main components) applications. The latest development is the integration of a so-called nano-flow cell with which very small liquid flows can be investigated spectrometrically.

A special feature of KNAUER photometric detectors is the possibility to connect fiber optic cables. The resulting spatial separation of the detector and the flow cell makes it possible, for example, to measure at high temperatures or in hazardous environments with an explosion risk. It is also possible to measure in tight spaces.

The main business of KNAUER is the development and production of system solutions for liquid chromatography. The product portfolio includes UHPLC systems, biochromatography systems and sample preparation systems. The offered HPLC solutions for sample purification range from preparative batch HPLC to continuous simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatography.

KNAUER is certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001 and is committed to environmentally-friendly solutions both in processes within the company as well as in the environmental impact of its products. Family friendliness for the 130 employees and corporate social responsibility play an important part in the company policy.

KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH

Hegauer Weg 38
14163 Berlin

T: 030-80 97 27 - 0
LayTec AG, BerlinCompany, Optical Analytics

LayTec is a major provider of integrated metrology for thin-film deposition and other high value generating processes. LayTec’s equipment is used in a broad range of applications like optoelectronics, electronics, PV, displays, optics and photonics, SEMI, automotive industry and others. LayTec’s integrated metrology tools provide access to all key parameters during deposition processes in real-time – either in-situ during the process or in-line during substrate transfer between deposition chambers.
LayTec’s metrology is used in industry and development worldwide and offers unique benefits: process deviations are quickly identified and corrected, development cycles are accelerated, the transfer and ramp-up of established processes to new lines is facilitated and conditions are easily re-established after maintenance.

LayTec AG

Seesener Str. 10-13
10709 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 3980080-0
LEONI Fiber Optics GmbH, BerlinCompany, Laser Technology, Lighting Technology, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Optical Analytics, Biophotonics and Ophalmic Optics

The Business Unit Fiber Optics of the LEONI Group is one of the leading suppliers of high quality fused silica, preforms and optical fibers for special industrial and optical applications, sensor technology and optical analysis, scientific purposes, the telecommunication sector and laser medicine. (Alternative: for laser transmission in special industrial and medical applications, optics, sensor technologies and optical analysis, scientific purposes and the telecommunication sector)

LEONI offers a unique product portfolio at every stage in the value chain: from fused silica to preforms and drawn fibers, to fiber-optic cables and entire optical fiber systems fitted with inhouse-design components developed by LEONI.

Throughout the world, there are only about a dozen enterprises who are masters of the basic optical technologies for the development and fabrication of optical fibers. LEONI Fiber Optics is one of them. We deliver fiber optical products not only for general applications but also where systematic problem solutions are needed.

We employ about 600 colleagues who develop and fabricate fiber optical systems and special components.

We operate seven production sites throughout Germany, i.e. Berlin, Central Franconia, Thuringia, Rhineland-Palatinate, and in North Baden. Our subsidiary LEONI Fiber Optics Inc. represents LEONI Fiber Optics on the North American continent with a site in Williamsburg (Virginia). We furthermore operate a site in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province in China.

LEONI Fiber Optics GmbH

Nalepastr. 170 - 171
12459 Berlin

T: +49 (0) 30-53 00 58-0
LLA Instruments GmbH, BerlinCompany, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Optical Analytics, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology

For more than 20 years, LLA Instruments GmbH (LLA) develops and manufactures analytical technology for chemical imaging in process and laboratory usage. NIR spectrometer by LLA are utilised worldwide for the analysis and sorting of material streams e.g. waste separation in recycling. LLA technology enables the identification of PVC in PET-flakes sorting or identification of extraneous material in paper recycling at maximum efficiency. In addition, the imaging NIR spectrometers are also used in C &amp D recycling, minerals and food sorting. The NIR portfolio includes hyperspectral cameras as well as multiplexed NIR spectrometers. Further accessories such as illumination units, software package, RGB line scan camera and comprehensive support complete the NIR portfolio of LLA. The rugged product design is ideally suited for use in harsh environmental conditions. For standard applications, LLA provides ready-to-use analysis routines. Based on LLA's longtime experience, further applications can be developed and customised for new sensor-based sorting applications. The high-resolution Echelle spectrometer ESA 4000 was developed for the in-situ analysis of inorganic matter e.g. metal and glass and is used in high profile research projects. Element sensitive detection is realized by an on-line XRF analyzer.

LLA Instruments GmbH

Justus-von-Liebig-Str. 9/11
12489 Berlin

T: 030 - 6290790-0
LTB Lasertechnik Berlin GmbH, BerlinCompany, Laser Technology, Optical Analytics, Biophotonics and Ophalmic Optics

LTB Lasertechnik Berlin GmbH is an innovative world-wide operating developer and manufacturer of short-pulse lasers in the whole optical spectral range, and of different spectrometers and laser-based measuring technique. LTB provides:

Laser sources for industrial analytics and medical diagnostics (MALDI, LIFS, FRET, µ-LIBS)

- state-of-the-art nitrogen lasers at 337 nm
- pulsed laser systems in the range of 225 – 900 nm

Highest-resolution echelle spectrometers for the development, production control and quality testing of diode lasers and lithography excimer lasers as well as for laser induced breakdown and Raman spectroscopy

- ELIAS: Emission LIne Analyzing Spectrometer series – world’s leading commercial echelle spectrometer series with highest spectral resolution in the range of 0.5 million – 10 million
- DEMON: Double Echelle MONochromator series - resolving power of up to 200,000 (2 pm @ 400 nm) at unrivaled high light throughput
- ARYELLE: ARaY echELLE series – broadband spectrometer series with a spectral resolving power in the range of 5,000 – 50,000 – mainly intended for LIBS applications

Laser-based measuring technique for spectroscopic material analysis, process analytics and medical diagnostics (LIBS, Raman, LIF):

- LIBSlab – modular benchtop LIBS device
- LIBSorter – industrial recycling and sorting of metals with laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
- PAnalyzer – fast multi-elemental mapping of solar PV modules with LIBS – qualitative and quantitative analysis- Customized solutions and engineering services with regard to optical applications in material and process analytics

LTB Lasertechnik Berlin GmbH

Am Studio 2c
12489 Berlin

T: +49 30 91 20 75 100
LUM GmbH, BerlinCompany, Optical Analytics

The L.U.M. GmbH is one of the leading producers for analytical devices for dispersion analysis and particle characterization.On the basis of longtime experiences in the field of fluid mechanics, rheology and colloid chemistry the company, founded by Prof. Dr. D. Lerche in 1994, has developed the innovative STEP™-technology, which is the technical platform for different product lines. The produced measuring equipment is used for the fast, reliable and comprehensive characterization of any demixing phenomena in dispersions. The innovative devices are part of standard laboratory equipment in leading international companies of chemical, food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Due to an effective network with national and international partners, latest research results are transformed into the present products and commercialized as new applications and devices. The portfolio is contineously extended. L.U.M. GmbH offers a wide range of contract research and analysis in the competence fields, too. The innovative strength of L.U.M. and its staff is documented in many applied and granted patents as well as in reviewed international scientific publications. In December 2004 the LUM Corporation was founded in Boston, MA, USA, as L.U.M.'s own subsidiary, responsible for the sales in the NAFTA-region. The global LUM-sales network covering more than 40 countries at present is still expanding.
The new generation of Dispersion Analyzer LUMiSizer® is the complete dispersion lab in just one instrument. The LUMiSizer® simultaneously determines the demixing of 12 different dispersions at original concentration, based on the patented STEP-Technology®. Due to the acceleration of the demixing in the LUMiSizer up to a factor of 2300, information about e.g. colloidal stability, surfactant influence, particle size, agglomeration and flocculation of dispersions is obtained in drastically shortened time.
For rapidly demixing systems and for the analytical long-term monitoring of emulsions and suspensions LUM GmbH offers the product line LUMiReader®, adding objectivity to your view on stability and shelf-life.
The new Demixing Tester LUMiCheck® is your first step in dispersion analysis. This instrument is especially designed for the quality assurance lab. It is used for the uncomplicated, comparative stability analysis and particle characterization of dispersions in their original state (without sample preparation or dilution).


Justus-von-Liebig-Straße 3
12489 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 6780 6030
OECA Opto-Elektronische Componenten…, Dahlwitz-HoppegartenCompany, Laser Technology, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Optical Analytics, Biophotonics and Ophalmic Optics

fiber aligned opto-electronic components for datacom and sensing applications

OECA Opto-Elektronische Componenten und Applikations GmbH

Handwerkerstr. 13
15366 Dahlwitz-Hoppegarten

T: +49 33 42 - 36 88 0
OEG GmbH, Frankfurt (Oder)Company, Optical Analytics

The company OEG GmbH develops and manufactures measuring systems for optical, geometrical and physical parameters, for example for the measurement of effective focal length, back focal length, centering, MTF, MTF of image intensifier tubes, angle (prism angle, deflection angle). The OEG GmbH supplies optical instruments like collimators and autocollimators. The scope of supply covers the complete manufacturing process from the dveleopment of the principle, the mechanical construction and manufacturing, development of software and elektronics, the assembly and on site installation. The measuring systems are usually software controlled and based on image processing for data acquisition.

Die OEG GmbH was founded in 1991 and installed since them equipment worldwide onto all continents.

Beside the measuring systems for optical parameters we produce special measuring microscopes, contact angle meters, car windshield scanner, Flatness and thin film stress measuring systems, micro diamond scribers. As service we offer measurement of optical parameters and customized development of measuring equipment.


Wildbahn 8i
15236 Frankfurt (Oder)

T: +49 (0)335 / 5213894
Optikexpertisen Dr. Volker Raab, PotsdamCompany, Laser Technology, Lighting Technology, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Optical Analytics, Biophotonics and Ophalmic Optics

Optikexpertisen Dr. Volker Raab und Dr. Corinna Raab GbR is an enterprises for development, consulting, and intellectual property in the fields of lasers and optics. This is achieved by simulation and experimental verification in our own application laboratories. Specializations comprise semiconductor laser systems and special optics for beam shaping, LED's, and fiber coupling.

Optikexpertisen helps small and medium sized enterprises with his know-how and laboratories to realize optical measurements, simulations, and development.

Optikexpertisen Dr. Volker Raab und Dr. Corinna Raab GbR is active since 2006 regionally, Germany-wide, and in four other European countries (CH, FR, ES, GB), since 2016 also in Australia. Over the last ten years we have completed over 80 projects.

Fields of Activity: Typical developments improve the beam quality of laser, wavelength stabilization and tuning, spectral multiplexing, and frequency conversion. Optical optimizations deal with complex fiber coupling, achromatic or astigmatic optics, and spectroscopy. Applications cover medical technology, meterology, and material processing.

Range of Services: improve beam quality wavelength stabilizing or tuning Second Harmonics Generation spectral multiplexing for power scaling

Experimental feasibility: testing, alignments development of demonstrators in own laboratory or in customer's laboratory

Optics design and simulation: Mainly ZEMAX but also wave propagation. Complex fiber coupling laser resonators beam shaping (astigmatism, beam quality) spectroscopy dispersive elements achromatic optics

Research &amp Development Activities: Power scaling of semiconductor lasers by spectral multiplexing

Optikexpertisen Dr. Volker Raab

Amundsenstr. 10
14469 Potsdam

T: +49 (0)331 / 583 99 12
PDW Analytics GmbH, Potsdam/GolmCompany, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Optical Analytics

Sales of Process Analytical Technologies for the measurement of optical properties of highly concentrated, turbid liquid suspensions, e.g. for in-line particle sizing in the nano- and micrometer size regime.

PDW Analytics GmbH

Geiselbergstr. 4
14476 Potsdam/Golm

T: 0331 27975020
Quantiox GmbH, BerlinCompany, Laser Technology, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors

Turn-key Quantum-Cascade-Laser modules, operating in the mid-infrared spectral range between 3.5µm and 14µm is a specialty of Berlin-Adlershof-based company Quantiox GmbH. Milliwatt-power-level modules are optimized for applications in optical analytics, bio-analytics, hyperspectral imaging, and several new technologies in medicine. Watt-power-level modules are designed for applications in laser processing technology, secure mid-infrared free-space optical communication, stand-off detection, and DIRCM.

Quantiox GmbH

Dr. Mykhaylo Semtsiv
Newtonstr. 15
12489 Berlin

T: +49 30 2093 7919
Scopis GmbH, BerlinCompany, Laser Technology, Optical Analytics, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology

Scopis develops and distributes laser-based endoscopic navigation and measuring systems for the minimal-invasive surgery. Scopis' clinical navigation products stand out by an especially short system set-up time, intuitive handling and an optimized workflow. They can be used in multiple application scenarios and allow preoperative planning of anatomical structures and their intraoperative overlay in endoscopic images (Augmented Reality).

Scopis' quality management system has been certified as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 13485:2010.

Scopis GmbH

Blücherstr. 22
10961 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 398 20 598
SECOPTA GmbH laser based sensor…, BerlinCompany, Laser Technology, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Optical Analytics

SECOPTA develops and manufactures laser spectroscopic solutions for industrial inline analysis of materials in quality monitoring, processing and recycling systems. By Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) and fast chemo metric methods for outcome evaluation, the samples surface can be assessed directly in the process without special preparation. Up to 1000 measurements / s are achievable.
The autonomous systems and OEM modules of SECOPTA based on high-quality and durable components of the CryLaS laser family. They are compact, low maintenance and designed for unrestricted industrial use.
Applications are found inter alia in the recycling area for sorting of different materials and alloys, in the manufacturing industry for process monitoring and quality assurance and in the volume flow monitoring on conveyor belts, e.g. in steel industry.

SECOPTA GmbH laser based sensor systems

Ostendstr. 25
12459 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 53 04 13 54
SENTECH Instruments GmbH, BerlinCompany, Laser Technology, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Optical Analytics, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology

SENTECH motto “Erfolg durch Leistung” is a continuing commitment of all employees to achieve success by high standard of efficiency and customer service.

Plasma process technology

• Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) etch of silicon, quartz, and dielectrics
• Plasma Etch using Capacitively Coupled Plasma (CCP) sources
• Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE)
• Inductively Coupled Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition (ICPECVD)
• Thermal and Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition (PEALD)

Thin Film Metrology:

• Spectroscopic ellipsometry
• Laser ellipsometry
• Reflectometry

SENTECH Instruments GmbH

Schwarzschildstr. 2
12489 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 63 92 55 20
sglux GmbH, BerlinCompany, Optical Analytics

The sglux GmbH develops, produces and distributes optical and electronic products for measurement, control and monitoring of UV radiation. It was founded in 2003 and has 12 employees. The majority of the manufactured instruments and devices are based on SiC photodiodes.

sglux GmbH

Max-Planck-Str. 3
12489 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 53015211
SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH, BerlinCompany, Optical Analytics

SPECS is a leading manufacturer of components and custom-designed complex systems for surface analysis. The integration of surface preparation and thin film deposition with the analysis becomes increasingly important. The applied analytical methods used are of both microscopic (scanning probe microscopies and electron microscopy) as well as spectroscopic nature (photoelectron spectroscopy with X-ray and UV light, Auger electron spectroscopy, and electron loss spectroscopy). A variety of analytical methods are further developed towards applications under environmental conditions.
In total, SPECS employs more than 130 employees at its headquarters in Berlin and at the branch office in Zurich. The employees work on design and manufacture of scientific equipment for nanotechnology, material science and other related fields.
Since more than 25 years, the know-how, experience, excellent contacts with scientists from around the world, customer service, and strict quality control of final products have been the key to our success.
A professional service and the realization of individual structures is enabled and ensured only by the excellent training of employees, who often have a scientific background in surface science.
An international network of cooperation, distribution and service partners is always ready to support customers worldwide.
The results of further and new development at SPECS are continuously installed in new applications in basic and applied research as well as in manufacture.

SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH

Voltastraße 5
13355 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 4 67 82 40
TechnoLab Gesellschaft für…, BerlinCompany, Lighting Technology, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Optical Analytics, Biophotonics and Ophalmic Optics, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology

Technolab is a services company for product qualifications.
Test methods include i.a. climate , temperature, temperature shock, and corrosion, desert conditions simulation (blowing sand, blowing dust), noxious gases, salt fog, IP protection classes, underpressure, overpressure, solar radiation, vibration and mechanical shock.
The company also executes defect analyses of electronic assemblies and qualifies PCBs, components and auxiliaries.

Technolab designs and produces ist own range of video microscopes

TechnoLab Gesellschaft für Elektronikindustrie-Service mbH

Am Borsigturm 46
13507 Berlin

T: 030 43033160
TRIOPTICS Berlin GmbH, BerlinCompany, Optical Analytics, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology

The TRIOPTICS Berlin GmbH was founded in Spring 1998 as a subsidiary of FISBA OPTIK AG (St. Gallen / Switzerland). Since Fall 2010 we are part of the TRIOPTICS group. With the help of our longtime experience in software engineering and the competence of our new parent compnay in product development we are able to offer perfect and tailor-made solutions for almost all optical metrology tasks.

Since more than 15 years we are situated in Berlin-Adlershof and offer our customers miscellaneous services around optical metrology. The main focus of our work is on software engineering but we also offer consulting and complete metrology solutions as well as selected metrology service.

A selection of our products and services:

  • Interferometry software package µShapeTM in various configurations for use in metrology labs, research and quality control
  • Modernizing of existing interferometers with up-to-date hardware and software
  • Software engineering for various optical measurement devices
  • Measurement service
  • Consulting and support for setting up special measurement systems
  • Research projects in the field of optical metrology


Schwarzschildstr. 12
12489 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 6392 3456
Vistac GmbH, TeltowCompany, Optical Analytics, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology

Since 1998 Vistac GmbH is dealing with optical measurement applications.
Vitac's own products are electronic aids for blind and visual impaired people. Examples are the Laser Long Cane by which the protection of the upper body is enabled by a laser sensor that controls the area above the cane, or the talking colour idenitfier FAME.
Vistac GmbH also serves as a developer of Hard- and Software for different companies. According to customer order measurement and control systems as well as testing systems are developed and built. Prototyping and the production of small series are also done by Vistac GmbH.

Vistac GmbH

Warthestr. 21
14513 Teltow

T: +49 (0)3328 / 353720
W.O.M . World of Medicine AG, BerlinCompany, Laser Technology, Optical Analytics, Biophotonics and Ophalmic Optics

Full Service OEM Provider
WOM is a pioneer and world leader in the field of Minimally Invasive Medicine. As a medical device company with an international focus, we have been developing and producing innovative products for over 40 years, that make surgeries as easy as possible on patients.

With its four core competencies,

  1. Cameras&amp Photonics (fully equipped 1-chip Medical-HD®, high-end 3-chip Medical-HD®, autoclavable 1-chip &amp 3-chip camera systems, high-intensity LED light source systems, established Xenon light sources, effective medical lasers, unique oncological detection probe Gamma Finder® (Sentinel Lymph Node Detection)
  2. Insufflators&ampPumps (Producer of insufflation technologies for waste gas evacuation, discontinuous &amp quasi-continuous pressure measurement, pump technology with optimized control technology, cassette solution for tubing and multi-indication device solutions)
  3. Cardiac Thoracics Instruments (Trendsetting endoscopic vessel harvesting instrument , reusable combination instrument and a new lung retractor enhancing visualization developed especially for accessing the pleural space through the ribs)
  4. Disposables (reusable, day-patient, and disposable tubing sets) WOM offers a broad spectrum of equipment as well as disposable products for Minimally Invasive Medicine.

WOM operates exclusively in the OEM and private label business, and distributes its products to major customers and authorized distributors around the world. The company's major customers include many renowned companies in the Minimally Invasive Medicine market. WOM develops and produces customized solutions and takes care of the necessary approval procedures (e.g., CE, UL, FDA). WOM additionally supports its major customers through its Marketing and Sales Department, service training programs, as well as through clinical trials. WOM can enable you to complete your product portfolio with individual solutions.

With a turnover of more than 55 million euros (2012), the WORLD OF MEDICINE Group employs approximately 310 employees worldwide. WOM has its own production facilities in Germany (Ludwigsstadt and Reichenbach), which are certified according to international standards. With the established distribution subsidiary W.O.M. WORLD OF MEDICINE USA, Inc. located in Orlando, Florida, the U.S. market is serviced perfectly. The needs of our customers in Asia can be fulfilled by our branch W.O.M. WORLD OF MEDICINE ASIA, Ltd. in Hong Kong.

W.O.M . World of Medicine AG

Salzufer 8
10587 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 399 81 550