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Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung…, Berlin Research Institution, Lighting Technology, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Optical Analytics, Biophotonics and Ophalmic Optics


Research at division Biophotonics focuses on optical spectroscopic methods for spectrally, time-, and spatial resolved measurements and the characterization of the interaction of matter and light, for example for applications in materials research, optical technologies, nano- and nanobiophotonics, bioanalytics, medicine, environmental chemistry, pharmacy, bioengineering, and biotechnology. Current research activities include the design, the traceable spectroscopic and photophysical characterization, and applications of functional organic, inorganic, molecular and nanoscale systems and hybrid nanoscale materials such as organic and metallo-organic chromophores, luminescent nanocrystals, luminophore-doped nanoparticles and their bioconjugates. 

The overall goals of this research are to utilize these materials as optical reporters, probes and sensors e.g., in material, bioanalytics, and bioimaging as well as to answer fundamental questions regarding underlying photophysical principles, to develop multiplexing and barcoding strategies, and to further develop their areas of application. This includes the absolute measurement of the performance parameter photoluminescence quantum yield and the characterization of the optical properties of transparent and scattering luminescent systems like solutions, particle dispersions, films, and solids. Another research area presents the methodical developments of surface functionalization procedures and functional group and ligand analysis and quantification on 2D- and 3D-supports, signal enhancement strategies, and the interaction with biological systems. This also comprises of the development of innovative optical-spectroscopic methods for bioanalytical and material sciences applications. 

In the working area standardization of optical measurements with focus on fluorescence techniques, we develop quality assurance and standardization concepts and validate spectroscopic methods for bioanalytical and material sciences applications. This includes the development of traceable standards, certified reference materials, and versatile calibration tools for instrument characterization in different measurement geometries and the determination of fluorometric parameters. Also, custom-designed solutions for such concepts and standards are provided.


Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und –prüfung (BAM); Division 1.2 Biophotonics

Dr. Ute Resch-Genger
Richard-Willstätter-Str. 11
12489 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 81045574
Dr. Türck Ingenieurbüro für…, Berlin Company, Laser Technology, Lighting Technology, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Optical Analytics, Biophotonics and Ophalmic Optics

As a development service provider, we take on tasks relating to the development and simulation of optical systems, as well as data mining including statistical analysis and algorithm development.

We are the expert partner to solve challenges and develop functional applications in the field of optics. We are able to undertake any task related to the development of optical systems, from the first, conceptual phase, to calculation and construction and all the way through to tolerance analysis, development of measurement technology, and preparation for production of your optical systems. Designing customised solutions and implementing them for your individual needs is what we do. Our area of expertise covers Camera lenses for industrial applications, optical measurement methods for medical use and analytics, fiber couplings for optical telecommunications, lighting and signal technology, microscopic systems and micro-optics, and much more.

In the field of data analysis we advise and support our clients in the development of measurement, processing, and evaluation strategies for data, which are incurred for example, during product development, prototype testing, or as part of manufacturing and testing processes. In addition, we are able to develop and simulate physical models of processes.

Dr. Türck Ingenieurbüro für Optikentwicklung und Software

Kreuzbergstraße 37
10965 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 692055800
Leibniz Institute for Analytical…, Berlin Research Institution, Optical Analytics, Biophotonics and Ophalmic Optics, Microelectronic and Mikrosystems Technology

The Leibniz-Institute for Analytical Sciences – ISAS provides innovative solutions for analytical challenges in modern material and life sciences. The range of our scientific works reaches from fundamental research via developing analytical procedures, techniques and instruments through prototype manufacturing to validation and testing of the results. Thus, we can directly implement methodic developments into new applications. The institute unites scientists from various fields under one roof: e.g. physicists, chemists, biologists and engineers. We are closely connected to the Universities in Dortmund (TU Dortmund), Bochum (Ruhr-University Bochum) and Berlin (TU Berlin) by joint professorships. Our research is geared to the key topics of material science and optical technologies and biomedical research and technologies.
In the Berlin department of ISAS optical spectroscopy is developed for material- interface- and process- analytics. Applications range from analysis of minutest amounts of material to particularly interfaces and nanostructures. Polarisation dependent optical spectroscopy- at ISAS employed in the spectral range from the far IR to vacuum-UV - gives information about composition, structure and electronic properties of a system. Apart from inorganic nanostructures particularly organic molecules as “predefined” units in functional layers and at interfaces become increasingly im-portant. Such structures are technologically important for instance in sensorics, biotechnology, photovoltaics and optoelectronics.

Leibniz Institute for Analytical Sciences – ISAS e.V.

Schwarzschildstr. 8
12489 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30 / 6392 3530
LTB Lasertechnik Berlin GmbH, Berlin Company, Laser Technology, Optical Analytics, Biophotonics and Ophalmic Optics

LTB Lasertechnik Berlin GmbH is an innovative world-wide operating developer and manufacturer of short-pulse lasers in the whole optical spectral range, and of different spectrometers and laser-based measuring technique. LTB provides:

Laser sources for industrial analytics and medical diagnostics (MALDI, LIFS, FRET, µ-LIBS)

- state-of-the-art nitrogen lasers at 337 nm
- pulsed laser systems in the range of 225 – 900 nm

Highest-resolution echelle spectrometers for the development, production control and quality testing of diode lasers and lithography excimer lasers as well as for laser induced breakdown and Raman spectroscopy

- ELIAS: Emission LIne Analyzing Spectrometer series – world’s leading commercial echelle spectrometer series with highest spectral resolution in the range of 0.5 million – 10 million
- DEMON: Double Echelle MONochromator series - resolving power of up to 200,000 (2 pm @ 400 nm) at unrivaled high light throughput
- ARYELLE: ARaY echELLE series – broadband spectrometer series with a spectral resolving power in the range of 5,000 – 50,000 – mainly intended for LIBS applications

Laser-based measuring technique for spectroscopic material analysis, process analytics and medical diagnostics (LIBS, Raman, LIF):

- LIBSlab – modular benchtop LIBS device
- LIBSorter – industrial recycling and sorting of metals with laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
- PAnalyzer – fast multi-elemental mapping of solar PV modules with LIBS – qualitative and quantitative analysis- Customized solutions and engineering services with regard to optical applications in material and process analytics

LTB Lasertechnik Berlin GmbH

Am Studio 2c
12489 Berlin

T: +49 30 91 20 75 100
PDW Analytics GmbH, Potsdam/Golm Company, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors, Optical Analytics

Sales of Process Analytical Technologies for the measurement of optical properties of highly concentrated, turbid liquid suspensions, e.g. for in-line particle sizing in the nano- and micrometer size regime.

PDW Analytics GmbH

Geiselbergstr. 4
14476 Potsdam/Golm

T: 0331 27975020
Quantiox GmbH, Berlin Company, Laser Technology, Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors

Turn-key Quantum-Cascade-Laser modules, operating in the mid-infrared spectral range between 3.5µm and 14µm is a specialty of Berlin-Adlershof-based company Quantiox GmbH. Milliwatt-power-level modules are optimized for applications in optical analytics, bio-analytics, hyperspectral imaging, and several new technologies in medicine. Watt-power-level modules are designed for applications in laser processing technology, secure mid-infrared free-space optical communication, stand-off detection, and DIRCM.

Quantiox GmbH

Dr. Mykhaylo Semtsiv
Newtonstr. 15
12489 Berlin

T: +49 30 2093 7919