Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensors

Since the beginning of the internet era, transmitting gigantic amounts of data over wide distances in as short a time as possible became a natural component in our daily lives and work places. Thereby, optical communication technology and fibre technology represent the technological base of today’s internet

Each year, the transmitted data volume is growing many times and results in strongly increasing utilization of communication networks. Thus, optical networks, transmitting necessary data quickly, safely and reliably, will be of even bigger importance in the future. As well, the demand for optical and optoelectronic components and sub systems, which steadily improve the capacity to transmit data and reduce error rate and runtime in the system.

Optics for Communication and Sensors represents one of six activity fields of the Photonics Cluster Berlin Brandenburg. In doing so, the capital region is very well positioned in the field of optical data transmission. Here you will find the world market leaders, internationally renowned research institutions and highly innovative young companies.


Research Institutions