Biophotonics and Ophthalmic Optics

Optical technologies are an indispensable component of today’s Biomedicine and exploit more and more new areas of application. Thereby, the focus of photonic research lies on basic optical operating principles and innovative optical methods for prevention, diagnostics, therapy and analytics. Fields, in which biomedical optics are proved to be useful are for example laser-induced thermotherapy for tumor treatment, optical sensors for the application on biological tissue (e.g. hemoglobin and water content on skin) , minimally invasive surgery via laser, developing fluorescence cameras for the visualization of metastases in lymphatic pathways, molecular imaging and developing micro cameras for endoscopy. Moreover, research and development of telemedical methods – such as telemonitoring aiming to prevent acute cardiovascular disease – is part of biophotonics and represents the next step of a future “personalized” medicine.

Linked to this is a young, growing market, in which Berlin-Brandenburg is very well positioned, thanks to a close cooperation between located companies and institutes, regarding both developing new methods as well as products and providing high-quality materials and components.


Research Institutions