Optical Analytics

Light as measuring instrument – the exploration of the laser also brought new methods, improved measuring productivity and measuring accuracy for the optical measuring technology. Today, optical measurement methods are being used for a wide range of fields, not only in the industrial food production and the pharmaceutical industry, but increasingly also in environmental analytics.

Especially, all along the industrial value chain optical measurement methods are significant, since they serve the increasing need of industry for high-precision, flexible and rapid measuring procedures in manufacturing supervision and production monitoring. Toward traditional sampling in industrial production they provide important advantages: Optical measurements can be carried out continuously and automatically. Hence, corrections can be applied without disturbing the production. Measurements, performed with light of different wavelengths, allow comprehensive statements about the properties of the investigated material and the progress of reaction processes. For instance, the mechanical engineering sector, the semiconductor industry, as well as the automobile manufacturing are reliant on such optical measurement methods.

Distinguished by its versatility, Optical Analytics represents one out of six activity fields in the Photonics Cluster Berlin-Brandenburg. Thereby, Berlin-Brandenburg is very well positioned in many areas of optical metrology, with focal points on

  • visual process metrology
  • UV and X-ray technology
  • Terahertz technology
  • laser technology
  • applications in Biomedicine


Research Institutions