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Photonik und Quantentechnologie für Kommunikation und Sensorik, Networking, Konferenz

QTech 2024

Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy Arnimallee 22, 14195 Berlin, Germany
Quantum Technology International Conference


The growing ability to manipulate quantum systems is paving the way for a second quantum revolution and a number of initiatives worldwide have been formed to foster quantum technologies. These exciting novel applications are exploiting specific quantum properties which are not accessible with classical resources such as superposition and entanglement of individual quantum systems.

The objectives of the QTech conference, which will take place on September 10-12, 2024 in Berlin, is to present the latest developments of quantum technologies in the domains of quantum communication, computation, simulation, sensors and metrology, and their implementation using various platforms from atoms and ions to solid states, superconducting circuits and optics.

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