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EIC Challenges information days - Chip-scale optical frequency combs

11:35 bis 13:00
We invite you to the EIC information day on the EIC Transition Challenge "Chip-scale optical frequency combs".


The Session on the EIC Transition challenge “Chip-scale Optical Frequency Comb” will target Research Groups and SMEs that want to bring their research (at least experimental proof of concept TRL 3, ideally technology validated in the lab TRL 4) already achieved within an eligible project to the market.

Click and watch the web streaming on 9 February 2023

You can ask questions via Sli.do. The event code is #Challenges.

The sessions will not provide information which has been provided at the General Info Day, for instance about how to submit proposals. Participants seeking this type of information, please watch the recording of the General Info day.