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International Workshop on Gallium Oxide and Related Materials (IWGO)

Berlin | Kulturbrauerei
The premier international forum for Ga2O3 and related materials.

In the 5th chapter of a successful series, the biannual International Workshop on Gallium Oxide and Related Materials (IWGO) takes place in Berlin, at the Kulturbrauerei from May 26 – 31, 2024. IWGO is the premier international forum for Ga2O3 and related materials, covering new developments in physics and oxide-related technology. The workshop brings together scientists and engineers working on all aspects of materials and device technology. In 2024 IGWO will be held in person to enable lively discussions and new synergies.


Scientific Program of the Conference

  • Bulk growth
  • Epitaxial thin film growth
  • Characterization of structural, electronic, and optical properties
  • Theory, modelling and simulation
  • Electronic and photonic devices
  • Material and device processing and fabrication techniques